stefano giovannoni debuts qeeboo brand during milan design week




stefano giovannoni presents ‘qeeboo’ — a next generation brand that focuses on a new way of manufacturing and delivering design to the masses. ‘qeeboo’ aims at producing affordable, injection moulded plastic furniture and objects conceived by international creatives with the mentality of combining high levels of quality with low costs.


a family of products with a strong communicative media power, the initial collection of 25 plastic objects, which includes chairs, lighting, lamps and vases, have been designed by andrea branzi, front, richard hutten, marcel wanders, nika zupanc and giovannoni himself. each piece stands out on its own, but collectively form a playful and commercially viable set of objects.


qeeboo‘ goes live during milan design week 2016 and will be sold exclusively online through its official website; and on the designboom shop!


read more about stefano giovannoni’s ‘qeeboo’ brand and manifesto on designboom here.

stefano giovannoni qeeboo next generation brand designboom
‘rabbit chair baby & rabbit chair’ (gold version) by stefano giovannoni




stefano giovannoni’s ‘rabbit chair baby’ and ‘rabbit chair’ draw on the shape of the animal after which they are named, offering a place to rest and sit. giovannoni takes the rabbit’s ears and sculpts them in a way so that they become the back of the chair, while the body becomes the seat. a gentle animal, lovable and tender, in eastern and western cultures the rabbit symbolizes love and fertility. it is for this reason that the design comes in two versions for both adults and kids, making it a sweet and auspicious object that brings good fortune and good wishes to all. 

stefano giovannoni qeeboo next generation brand designboom
‘rabbit chairs’ by stefano giovannoni

stefano giovannoni qeeboo next generation brand designboom
‘B.B. chair’, ‘B.B. table’ and ‘B.B. table lamp’ by marcel wanders




marcel wanders’ ‘B.B. collection’ for qeeboo consists of a standing lamp and table lamp, together with a dining table and matching dining chairs. it is reminiscent of the dutch designer’s new antiques collection, in which the plastic legs of the lighting pieces, placed on a solid base, follow the recognizable moulding of that series. jacquard fabric, available in a choice of black, white and colourful graphics, is used to upholster the dining chairs, and is also used to form the lampshades so the furniture can be matched. the seats are supported by a transparent plastic base, in clear or black, with the process of injection-moulding used to create a curved appearance. this style is also reflected in the dining table, supporting an MDF top that comes in various dimensions. together the set can be flexibly adapted to accommodate many interiors. the weight of the classic archetypal forms is contrasted by the lightness of the thin and transparent plastic.


design at its finest, ‘B.B.’ collection expresses a desire by the designers to cultivate relationships between the objects and environments they create and the people who will live among them.

stefano giovannoni qeeboo next generation brand designboom
‘B.B. chair’, ‘B.B. table’ and ‘B.B. table lamp’ by marcel wanders

stefano giovannoni qeeboo next generation brand designboom
‘daisy X’ by nika zupanc




nika zupanc is known for pouring her own personal brand of poetic disruption into the world of design and interiors. her creations usually appear as precious one-off pieces, editions that bring inspiring reports from the outer frontiers of technological and material possibilities. alongside a new daisy-shaped lamp, the slovenian creative contributes four of her existing designs: the ‘cherry lamp’, ‘ribbon chair’, ‘X chair’ and ‘X table’, to qeeboo; stripping them down to their essentials, and making them suitable for a production-driven plastic makeover.


planted one day by a flirtatious fairy, the ‘daisy lamp’ turns its most radiant love-awakening spotlight on you. the ‘loves me, loves me not’ rendezvous is now transformed into an egalitarian highlighter putting the sparkle back in the crowd’s covetous eye. available in six different glossy, pastel shades, its adjustable petals allow you to stream the light directly on the true object of your affection. let the love shine through!

qeeboo stefano giovannoni designboom 09
‘ribbon chair’ by nika zupanc 




there’s something deviously daring in zupanc’s ‘ribbon chair’. an object of controlled prettiness, it encompasses all of the connotative expectations that a bow has to live up to – that of a surprise, a gift, a devotional gesture – all of which are unveiled in pure injection moulded plastic. it’s a sitting situation for those heroic enough to wear their heart neatly on their sleeve. it comes wrapped up in three colors – discrete black, immaculate white and dust pink.

‘chair X’ by nika zupanc




in its original rendition, the ‘X chair’ fuelled our imagination with floral upholstery in full bloom. now its injection-moulded construction has been stripped down to its ultimate, bare expression of all that is – X. the seating object can be dressed or undressed, changed or kept forever the same. a straight black injection moulded construction, it hosts a seat and back of fully customizable configurations. alongside the chair, is the ‘X table’, complete with an extension mechanism and the choice of two different tabletops in wood or plastic, compelling us to confront all that needs to be brought to the table. constructed in solid black plastic, the new ‘X collection’ always leaves much to be defined.

‘table X’ by nika zupanc

‘cherry lamp’ by nika zupanc




with its dangerous curves, the ‘cherry lamp’ pendant is the ultimate instrument of seduction for all ready to live. originally hand-blown in precious glass with brass details, this luscious luminary now gets an explicitly glossy plastic little sister in a number of colors. she’s got a special pop refinement to her, a flirtatious body and plenty of attitude: and the modular assembly scheme can be imagined to include all the sweet cherries one might desire – start with one, pluck more as required. ‘cherry’ is most wanted and calm, now ripe for the picking in a smaller high-gloss pop incarnation for ‘qeeboo’.

‘loop chair’ by front




front’s ‘loop chair’ for qeebo has a dynamic, asymmetrical shape that challenges the process of injection moulding plastic, but expresses the unique possibilities of manipulating the material in a whole range of dimensions in a way that is not possible in any other medium. the plastic chair is finely crafted on the computer in collaboration with engineers, one digital point at a time. the ‘loop chair’ is upholstered and stackable.


just as human bodies are not symmetrical we wanted to create a chair that feels individual and allows different ways of sitting.’ – front

‘pitagora’ (floor lamp & ceiling lamp) by richard hutten



in mathematics there are only five regular shapes with an equal face, such as the cube and the triangular pyramid. for the ‘pitagora’ series of lamps, named after the famous greek mathematician, richard hutten used these regular shapes to create a family of light objects. on each side of a regular dodecahedron, hutten has placed a round reflector. the result is an intriguing three-dimensional object that changes from each angle you look at it. a rich design which gives a lot of atmosphere to a space, available in both a hanging and floor version.

‘superform’ (ceiling lamp) by richard hutten




richard hutten has a strong fascination for the circle. in his ongoing research into the circle, he found the supershape formula based-on equations by dutch mathematician johan gielis. shapes in nature are described, starting with a circle, and the designer used this formula to generate his perfect lighting object. with the help of abel hutten, his 17 year old son and dutch mathematics champion, he generated the form, resulting in a very rich looking lamp, which revers to classical patterns; as well as those found in nature. ‘superform’ comes in clear, grey and honey hues.

‘K’ chair by stefano giovannoni
‘goblets’ (ceiling lamps) stool by stefano giovannoni

‘goblets’ (table lamps) stool by stefano giovannoni

‘armrest stool’ by stefano giovannoni

‘pupa armchair’ and ‘korall vase’ by andrea branzi

‘guru candleholder’ by andrea branzi

‘canotta’ vase by andrea branzi


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stefano giovannoni qeeboo next generation brand
stefano giovannoni qeeboo next generation brand
stefano giovannoni qeeboo next generation brand
stefano giovannoni qeeboo next generation brand
stefano giovannoni qeeboo next generation brand