stefano giovannoni rethinks the baby buggy with trio love for chicco




children are impressionable, and build associations with objects (and people) at a very young age. with this in mind, chicco focuses on the importance of linking good design and pragmatism through the development of products for youngsters. the italian brand invited stefano giovannoni to rethink the traditional buggy in a way that offers new comfort levels for babies, and functionality for their parents.


giovannoni’s design encompasses chicco’s best known design characteristics: handiness, stability and convenience resulting in ‘trio love’ — a stroller that takes on an elegant form, composed of structural elements that guarantee comfort and safety. ‘today, we are composed of an expert society that requires not only modern and refined objects, but also long lasting ones‘, says stefano giovannoni. ‘in this project, I started from classic kinematics – trying to improve the stroller’s weight and volume while maintaining solid aluminium profiles at a very competitive price. ‘trio love’ answers all the functional requirements in terms of resistance and ease.’

stefano giovannoni trio love chicco designboom
profile view of ‘trio love’ by stefano giovannoni




stefano giovannoni delves deeper into the project in a personal Q&A, in which he reflects on his own experience as a parent and how this fueled the design of ‘trio love’:




 how did you include these aspects of children’s safety into ‘trio love’?


for a firm like chicco, safety means attention to details and to the overall quality of its products. many of the design elements of ‘trio love’ put a lot of focus on baby health. ‘trio love’ finds pride in the solidity of its structure, based on components that are strongly linked to each other, such as the junction which connects aluminium profiles, the bumper bar integrated into the stroll seat, the safety standard of the car seat stroller… all these considerations ensure the safest environment for a baby.




can your design signature be found in ‘trio love’?


I tried to mix together aesthetics, with technical contents. my studio worked very hard, and we had a good synergy with chicco engineers resulting in a new product where design, function and details could collectively make a real difference.

stefano giovannoni trio love chicco designboom
stefano giovannoni with ‘trio love’




you are a proud dad of two kids. how did your fatherhood experience influence the project?


I have two kids, who are now teenagers. fatherhood made me understand how essential is to consider functionality first. a stroller must be handy, and take up as little amount of space as possible — especially when you need to put the baby buggy inside your car, or get into a lift. you also must be able to close it with only one hand even when you are carrying shopping bags. these are all challenges I faced, that I wanted to address in this design.




can you tell us an anecdote about when your kids were little?


when rocco was only a few months old, he sometimes had difficulties falling asleep. I would place him in the stroller and bring him with me in my car, and we would do a couple of runs around our block. the car movement together with his comfy buggy seat probably reminded rocco of the time when he was still inside his mum, so he would immediately fall asleep – this was my greatest happiness.