base underside with photovoltaic cells, ‘saint clair’

‘saint clair’ solar powered lamps was one of the winning entries by french architect and designer stéphane maupin for the VIA project assistance grant. it features photovoltaic cells underneath its base which can be adhered to the window via suction pads.

VIA project assistance grant seeks to discover young talent with the most relevant design, techniques and aesthetics. it promises to promote and connect these up and coming designers with manufacturers and producers.

stephane maupin: saint clair lamp voltaic cells detail of ‘saint clair’

stephane maupin: saint clair lamp base with suction padsstephane maupin: saint clair lamp

when fully charged, the user can remove the lamp and use it on their desktop or…

stephane maupin: saint clair lamp

…the lamp can be left hanging to help illuminate a larger area of the room