american designer stephen burks, the man behind readymade projects, has designed ‘circus’ and ‘suspended lantern’ for collection number one of new furniture manufacturing company mattermade.

‘circus’, 2010 3 shelf system 8′ x 1.2′ x 4.4′

burks’ ‘circus’ is a hand-made shelving system inspired by the playfulness of the big top. made from powder coated and plated steel and rift cut white oak, each shelving unit includes up to eight colorful wire ‘cages’ that can be easily inserted into the sold oak surfaces, requiring no tools for assembly. the cages create both exterior shelf space and a small interior area where favorite objects can be highlighted.

stephen burks: 'circus' and 'suspended lantern' ‘circus’, 2010 1 shelf system 8′ x 1.2′ x 1.7′

stephen burks: 'circus' and 'suspended lantern' ‘circus’, 2010 2 shelf system 8′ x 1.2′ x 3.3′

stephen burks: 'circus' and 'suspended lantern' ‘suspended lantern’, 2010 15.3” x 1.6′

‘suspended lantern’ is a collection of lamps executed in mouth-blown glass with a brass structure. crafted in long island city, new york, the series of lanterns combines stephen burks’ love of pure geometries and architectonic form with the fluid and sometimes more volatile material of blown glass. hot molten glass is blown directly into an over-sized brass mesh structure, containing the glass like a net. as glass is pushed and strained against the wirey form, it is violated, becoming more organic in shape. the tension of a geometric, rigid shape encountering an organic one is rendered as a table lamp and pendant lamp in clear glass, as well a variety of radiant translucent colors.

stephen burks: 'circus' and 'suspended lantern' ‘suspended lantern’, 2010 (detail) 15.3” x 1.6′

the aim of mattermade is to invigorate the american manufacturing industry and set new standards in luxury craft for the contemporary market. the company’s new products are produced entirely in the americas.