the modern oval-shaped building influenced interior aesthetics


georgia-based studio stipfold designed an apartment of pure white volumes in the city of tbilisi, georgia. the flat is not so ordinary as it sits inside an oval-shaped building. the interior is influenced by the rounded exterior shape and as a result, fosters many curved walls. the residence looks over the city through the curved glass walls, from which daylight diligently pierces the space and playfully bounces off of the convex surfaces of the apartment. the entrance corridor narrows down midway and broadens up eventually into the living room, embracing the daylight with a swinging impact.

lenvix 1
entrance corridor between two curved walls

all images courtesy of stipfold

dominating forms and materials


more secluded rooms of the house are animated with reflective elements like freestanding glass wardrobes and two stainless steel walls in the guest bathroom accentuating the RGB lighting. stipfold reiterated stainless steel in the kitchen, which can be partitioned from the living room with a sliding door, leaving only a decorative kitchen island exposed. four core silhouettes are present throughout the apartment ceilings and the parqueted areas of the floors. these shapes are distilled from the hand-sketched outlines, adding a human touch to the futuristic forms. wooden floor zones and custom white forms on the ceilings are the cozy blips in the large monochrome surface areas.

lenvix 2
closets flushed with the white wall

lenvix 3
large glazed windows allow natural light to pierce the space

lenvix 4
parqueted area of the floors delimiting the seating area

lenvix 5
curvilinear furniture follows the ceiling shape

lenvix 6
minimal stainless steel kitchen embeded inside another curved wall

lenvix 7
top view of the bedroom

lenvix 8
minimal shower area

lenvix 12
four core silhouettes are present throughout the ceiling



project info:


name: lenvix
designer: stipfold

team: beka pkhakadze / george bendelava / giorgi zakashvili / ketevan gogodze / niko malazonia / levan gogava

location: tbilisi / georgia

area: 150 sqm (1614.59 sqft)



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edited by: yasmina karam | designboom