stockholm designboom mart 2015



designboom returned to stockholm for the 7th time to host its mart exhibition of young, international designers held in conjunction with the cultural program of the stockholm furniture and light fair 2015. we presented 40 creative professionals who were introducing their new products to the nordic market.



impressions and objects on sale at the stockholm designboom mart 2015



the 2015 stockholm designboom mart is the 37th edition, after reaching a celebratory milestone in 2013 — the 30th edition of our designboom mart was held at the ICFF in new york, the same venue where the mart concept debuted in 2005. in pioneering the marts, designboom has brought new life to the culture of pop-up exhibitions. now a fixture at major design festivals, and seen throughout the largest cities in the world, these showcases offer young designers a way to jump start their practice into a professional design career.


group photo of the 2015 stockholm designboom mart team



leaflet showing this year’s stockholm mart participants



the 2015 designboom mart stockholm participants include:

a little dot. (thailand); alex garnett (UK); ciappesoni lighting+design (italy); duesenzatre (spain); elena kihlman design (finland/italy), escandinavotropical objects (sweden/brazil/spain); flio (romania/russia/netherlands); florian brillet (UK); future days (sweden); gaganis (poland); giuseppe lo cascio + alberto rogato (italy); good after nine (thailand); hayley beckley (UK); jieun yoo (korea/copenhagen); hipp! (sweden); kingkongdesign (poland/spain); kumvana gomani-holmberg (sweden); laselva studio (spain); layla mehdi pour (iran/italy); mier luo (USA); moa eating products (austria); moi minjia (china/finland); mónica santos (portugal); noga ravin (israel/poland); ohh-ahh! (italy/UK); pucalpa (spain); smallgran (spain); speckled grey (UK); tjielp design (NL); villoresi design (italy); and eight italian designers selected by the triennale design museum and promoted by ITA (italian trade agency): antonio aricò (italy); attico (italy); sandra faggiano (italy); id-ag (italy); elena salmistraro (italy); sovrappensiero design studio (italy); tommaso caldera (italy)



selection of objects on sale
image © designboom


many talents who were discovered in the previous shows have gone on to become some of the biggest names in the industry. one of them is renowned designer oki sato/nendo – who participated in designboom’s inaugural mart at new york’s ICFF in 2005. designboom met up with oki sato at the stockholm furniture and light fair earlier this year, where he was announced to be the guest of honor of 2013. in the video below, he recounts the moment when philippe starck bought one of his first products–a volcano shaped tissue dispenser–during his involvement in the mart.



oki sato on his participation in the designboom mart at the ICFF in new york, 2005
video © designboom


we have also had the pleasure of hosting designers such as hulger (winner of the design of the year 2012 award from the design museum london with their plumen light bulb), joe gebbia (founder of airbnb), georg baldele (the inventor of the floating candles in the harry potter movie), sam baron (director of the design department at FABRICA), david trubridge, nervous system, maxim velcovsky






what are designboom marts?

the designboom mart is a unique interactive platform for emerging and established designers to test their new ideas. visitors meet the young avant-garde talents personally and become familiar with their work. they can buy self-produced or limited edition pieces directly from the designers. over the intense days of exhibiting and socializing, the designers have the chance to discuss their work with other like-minded professionals, customers, manufacturers, distributors, press and museum curators – verifying their designs and their packaging credentials.


not only is participating in the designboom mart a fantastic way to promote yourself! it is also about socializing, meeting new people from different countries, making friendships, … plus, it is a fun way to visit and discover a new city!


where to find us at the 2015 stockholm furniture and light fair


designboom mart booth AG:39


stockholm furniture and light fair
sässvägen 1, älvsjö


opening hours:
3-7 february 2015
tuesday – friday 9 am – 6 pm
saturday 10 am – 5 pm (also open for general public)