my name is hans andersson and I am writing to you from green fortune in stockholm, sweden. green fortune was founded in 2004 by me and my collegue johan svensson. formerly we worked together at a design company named snowcrash that you may remember. I’ll start to try and describe our vision urban cultivation and our product streamgarden. our field is cultivation in the metropolitan area in new ways. more and more people are moving to cities all over the world, and we spend more and more of our time there instead of in the nature. cultivation and plants are important for our well being. that’s why cultivation has to come to where the people is. we think the basic cultivation technique in rooftop greenhouses will be hydroponics. hydroponics means growing plants without soil in circulating water. hydroponics makes the plants grow more and faster, and it also eliminates the need to transport soil to cities for cultivation. to us this is modern ecology. our first product ‘streamgarden’ is a personal hydroponics garden for your home or workplace. it combines the advantages with hydroponics – big and fast growth of plants – with a self-watering function, so that you can choose yourself when you want to take care of your plants.