striped organic loop chair by julian mayor



british designer julian mayor will present his new striped organic loop chair at next week’s design junction from 24-27 of september as part of this year’s london design festival. the fiberglass chair is constructed using three planes and features a graphic pattern that references military dazzle ships.

front view of the striped organic loop chair by julian mayor



julian told designboom more about his new piece:


‘ the starting point for the chair was a computer render (2012), I was particularly interested in how three planes could meet in an interesting way. originally I wanted to make the chair in metal, but found that the material would not stretch to make the smooth contours, so I made a model in more of a facetted way and then worked from that into a wireframe version (2012) and a metal version (2013). however, I was always interested in making the chair smoothly and worked with a company to make a CNC prototype in hard foam. the foam was coated in epoxy and a mould made from it, and from that the final shape in fibreglass (2015).


I actually made the original product in white, with a black interior, but the interesting join lines where the planes meet was lost, so I decided to paint stripes into the mould to emphasise the contours of the chair and reintroduce a graphical element that is present in my other work. I’m particularly happy with how the stripes give a hand made feel to a chair that is very shiny and perfect. the pattern also produced a kind of ‘dazzle camouflage’ effect that is not far from the first render that I had imagined.’ – JM

rear view of the chair 


detail of the hand painted stripes 


the fibreglass structure painted white 



wireframe version of the organic loop chair



metal version of the organic loop chair


a limited edition 20 striped organic loop chairs will be produced.


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