‘framed’ installed on one of the staircases at the entrance of the V&A all images courtesy of stuart haygarth

UK designer stuart haygarth was commissioned to create an installation within the victoria & albert museum (V&A) utilizing material originating from john jones –  the art framers – on the occasion of the 2010 london design week.

stuart haygarth: framed the work aligns the structural architecture of the staircase

‘framed’ uses over 600 metres of cut-off pieces from picture frames which have been cut, mitred, joined, sanded and colored to create a dramatic landscape on one of the staircases at the entrance of the V&A.

stuart haygarth: framed detail

‘…my starting point and raw material for this piece are picture frame mouldings of differeing sizes, shapes, types of material and colors. exploring the V&A for suitable and available locations for the installation, I decided upon an elegant marble staircase. the work aligns the structural architecture of staircases with the ‘right angle’ sample mouldings commonly displayed throughout the picture frame industry. the analogy of those two shapes gave me the idea of cladding the staircase in the multitudes of mouldings available to create a work akin in 3D graffiti on a traditional staircase reminiscent of the yellow brick road in ‘the wizard of oz’, a marble pathway clear of frames enables the viewer to walk through the installation.’ – stuart haygarth

stuart haygarth: framed ‘framed’ running down the staircase

stuart haygarth: framed ‘framed’ up close

stuart haygarth: framed sketch by stuart haygarth

FRAMED Stuart Haygarth/John Jones installation at the V&A from Stuart York on Vimeo.