‘greenhouse to go’ by studio besau-marguerre all images © studio besau-marguerre

the portable plot of land known as ‘greenhouse to go’ is designed by hamburg-based studio besau-marguerre in cooperation with adrien petrucci. the ‘greenhouse to go’ examines the importance of plant-life on human development as it provides oxygen, food, cloth and medicine. around the soil base, a miniature glass greenhouse protects a growing plant. leather straps are secured around the structure, also forming a handle. the project is a combination of art, industrial design and fashion. 

the project was part of the another terra exhibition ‘home away from home‘ presented during milan design week 2012. curated by barbara brondi and marco raino, the series of original works, all part of the ‘in residence project’, asked the question ‘if you had to envision life on another habitable planet, what kind of minimal hand luggage would you take with you?’ in theory, were we to move civilization to another globe, the resource should be maintained if humanity were to create another garden of eden.

studio besau marguerre: greenhouse to go the leather strap encases the glass form

studio besau marguerre: greenhouse to go the shape makes it both easily transportable while remaining artistically relevant