‘nido stool’ by studio besau marguerre

german design studio besau marguerre (eva marguerre and marcel besau) have continued experimenting with the possibilities of fiberglass to create limed editions of the ‘nido’ stool. the raw material, soaked with dyed polyester resin, is wrapped around a pre-constructed stool form, resulting in a structure which is light but extremely durable. due to the components, the end result is also waterproof and stable, while still showing the characteristics of the substances. the flexibility of the process allows for new patterns and forms to emerge. overall the furniture piece weights 900 grams. 

the stools are currently on display at the plus design gallery in milan as part of a group exhibition entitled ‘the thread that binds us’. opening for milan design week 2012, the show is on until june 30th, 2012. 

studio besau marguerre: nido stool the fiberglass base is coated with different colors of resin  30W x 30D x 45H cm (12W x 12D x 18H inches)

studio besau marguerre: nido stool the final products are lightweight but very strong  

studio besau marguerre: nido stool detail

process video

100 limited edition pieces of each color (pink, yellow, white, black) were fabricated for stilwerk design gallery.