detailed view of the magazine repository all images courtesy of studio dreimann

studio dreimann, headed by german design trio jonas ette, simon kux, and tim priggehas, has just sent us images of their recent project ‘little ben’. the company, which caters to the design of home and industrial goods, manufactured a coffee table with the shape and size being reminiscent of an old english tea table. the design of ‘little ben’ fits well within the confines of a living room setting. the top of the table is wide enough to accommodate the belongings of more than one individual, while the table leg serves as a repository several smaller books or magazines within the recess of the table leg. the design is made from beech wood with construction intricacies by classic wood turner crafts.

 studio dreimann: little ben ‘little ben’ by studio dreimann

studio dreimann: little ben image of the table top in progress

studio dreimann: little ben the completed beech wood table, top view

studio dreimann: little ben wide view of the completed table

studio dreimann: little ben studio dreimann visualizes their works by sketches, prototypes and CAD models