salone del mobile 2017: known for a coherent body of work characterised by experimental material investigations, amsterdam-based studio formafantasma presents their first industrially-produced objects. designed for lighting company flos, ‘WireRing’ and ‘blush lamp’ are two luminaries that stand out due to their aesthetic that links craft, industry, object, and user.


‘the relationship humans have with light transcends a functional dimension and is elevated to an emotional one,’ comments studio formafantasma. ‘lamps are designed to illuminate the world with brightness, but also with the intimacy of shadow: the quality of light cannot solely be measure through its intensity.’

all images by officine mimesi



made entirely of only two separate elements, ‘WireRing’ by studio formafantasma turns the electricity cable the main focus of the lamp. a custom-made belt-like electric cable and a ring containing the led strip act as the structure and overall look of the luminaire. when disassembled, the lamp is reduced to a minimum while when mounted, it reveals is sculptural traits. ‘WireRing’ is an exercise in subtraction, stripping down a common household element into its most essential components.




on the other hand, the ‘blush lamp’ is conceived with the idea of elevating the relationship humans have with light, from a functional dimension to an emotional one. ‘lamps are designed to illuminate the world with brightness, but also with the intimacy of shadow,’ says formafantasma. ‘the quality of light cannot solely be measured through its intensity.’ following this premise, ‘blush lamp’ uses only an led strip and a piece of dichroic glass to project saturated reflections on the walls, resulting in a warm response to the lack of colour during the winter months.






project info:


concept and design: andrea trimarchi and simone farresin
development: daniele misso, jeroen van der gruiter, francesco zorzi, lorenzo capparucci
production: flos
photo credit: officine mimesi