‘gaudi chair’

the ‘gaudi chair’ by dutch studio geenen is the follow-up of the ‘gaudi stool‘ which was created in 2009. it was designed using the same method employed by antoni gaudi, who made models of hanging chains, which upside-down showed him the strongest shape for his churches. additionally, to be able to determine the structure of the chair’s backrest, a software script was used.

studio geenen: 'gaudi chair' front view

the script was based on three steps: first the distribution of forces across the surface of the chair, secondly the direction of forces defined the position of the ribs and finally the amount of force specified the height of a rib.

studio geenen: 'gaudi chair' back view

studio geenen: 'gaudi chair' detail

materials and techniques were chosen to create a lightweight chair. the surface is made of carbon fiber, the ribs are made of glass-filled nylon, fused by selective laser sintering.

studio geenen: 'gaudi chair'