studio HVN opens the joy luck pie club for beijing design week 2014
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‘the joy luck pie club’ by dutch designer henny van nistelrooy of studio HVN has been especially created for ‘BJDW beijing design week 2014’. situated on yangmeizhu xie jie in the heart of the city’s historic district of dashilar, the renovated hutong interprets multiple local motifs from the surrounding area, which is undergoing constant urban renewal.


the shop’s furniture is an adaption of the ‘mazha’ folding stool, a classic beijing element that is still central to the inner city’s impromptu social gatherings. the space itself serves home-made pies that are based on traditional chinese motifs believed to bring success and well being to one’s life.

the ‘joy luck pie club’ is open during beijing design week 2014



through juxtaposing imagery of fruits and animals, the ancient emblems generate meanings. for example, the combination of a bat and peaches symbolizes good luck and health – bat is pronounced the same way as fortune in mandarin, and peaches are the staple fruit for long life.

the store serves home-made pies that incorporate ancient chinese motifs for good luck

the furniture is an adaption of a traditional ‘mazha’ folding stool

the stools are a central element to beijing’s inner city social gatherings

top view showing a woven seat detail


top view showing a fluffy seat covering

the stools have unique designs and colors

top view

different woven details are used in the folding stools

top view