image © designboom

‘arnolfini’, is a new chandelier designed by dutch design duo studio job for italian glass works manufacturer venini. by using beaded pots and pans on a typical chandelier framework, this prototype transforms trivial everyday objects into an elaborate design. moreover, a new vocabulary is established in materials as these archetypal icons of everyday living become the cubes, spheres and pawns giving the chandelier its final form.

studio job: arnolfini for venini 3m (height) x 2m (diameter) image © designboom

the chandelier draws its reference from the classic ‘the arnolfini marriage‘ by jan van eyck created in 1434.

‘in the original version of the painting of the flemish pair of newlyweds, you can find many symbols related to their level of social welfare and religion. all metaphors are represented accurately. one of them is the famous chandelier suspended by a single candle, an allusion to a divine eye. the ‘arnolfini chandelier by venini in the twenty-first century refers to this. this time it is fully lit for all to see …‘ – SJ

studio job: arnolfini for venini image © designboom

‘arnolfini’ features an LED light source with a complex technological and handwork of glass. meanwhile, the frame features a polished gold finish.

the first prototype of ‘arnolfini’ was exhibited at museum bagatti valsecchi as part of salone del mobile 2010.