‘parramyd’ by studio kg

the behaviour of climbing plants is such that they live wildly, making them most suitable for the outdoors as it would be a bit of a challenge to tame their growth from within our home or office interiors. observing this, studio kg, who has a number of european outposts, has developed ‘parramyd’, a modular planting system which consists of pyramidal elements which connect to one another. available in two different sized elements, ‘parramyd’ offers an easy and intuitive framework for vine-like plants to grow in a more controlled and restricted environment, allowing individuals to create a constantly changing structure which encourages the way a plant grows.

studio kg: parramyd planter the modular planting system is available in two different sized elements

studio kg: parramyd planter the design’s intuitive framework allows individuals to grow vine-like plants within the more controlled, interior environment

studio kg: parramyd planter other than being a potted structure, ‘parramyd’ can also be envisioned as a hanging planter