at left, the ‘cosmonaut’ wide-grip capacitive stylus for touchscreens, by studio neat

the work of new york-based duo studio neat (tom gerhardt and dan provost), the ‘cosmonaut’ capacitive stylus is designed like a dry erase marker, better adapted to the feel and constraints of touchscreen devices than the pen-like options currently comprising the majority of the market. with a rubber tip and wide body, ‘cosmonaut’ is compatible with all capacitative touch screen devices.

because they pick up the signal as data input, touchscreens do not permit one’s hand to rest along the screen of the device when writing, making the use of pen-style styluses awkward and tiring. observing that tablet sketching is generally of a low-fidelity nature anyway, studio neat began work on a marker-like stylus, settling upon the prototypes they are currently presenting.

the project has already been backed through the ‘cosmonaut’ kickstarter campaign, and studio neat expects to begin shipping the devices, which will retail for around 25 USD, in june.

studio neat discusses and demos the device in their kickstarter campaign video

studio neat: cosmonaut stylus the device in use