‘endy series’ by studio veisraeli industrial design firm studio ve (shay carmon and ben klinger) has used discarded timber pieces from sawmills to make the ‘endy series’. since the ends are the most sensitive part of the wood, these raw edges are painted to protect the lumber. after the processing, these pieces are removed and thrown away. the ‘endy series’ celebrates the origins of the material by displaying the bright colors as they are integrated into the furniture. the collection was on show at stockholm furniture and light fair 2012.  

studio ve: endy seriesdetail painted lumber ends 

studio ve: endy series chair form

studio ve: endy series the collection shown at stockholm furniture fair  image © designboom 

studio ve: endy seriesstool and table  image © designboom

studio ve: endy series components and construction method 

studio ve: endy series portrait of shay carmon from studio ve image © designboom