‘manifold clock,’ designed by studio ve

the wall-mounted ‘manifold clock,’ designed by israeli industrial design team studio ve (shay carmon and ben klinger), combines modern design and traditional mechanics. the clock’s hands are connected with a colourful manifold of printed tyvek®, creating three-dimensional movement over the course of an hour or day. the time is still read traditionally by the location of the hour and minute hands, but it can also be estimated based on  the different colours and shapes that form at different times.

studio ve: manifold clock the manifolds are made in four different colour schemes

studio ve: manifold clock over the course of the day, the clock takes on new configurations as the hands move relative to one another

studio ve: manifold clock detail view of the manifold

studio ve: manifold clock the clock makes the reading of time a three-dimensional process

video of ‘manifold clock’