sinnerlig collection by stusioilse for ikea designboom
sinnerlig collection by studioilse for IKEA at london design festival 2015
all photographs by felix odell




london-based studioilse has designed a range of furniture, lighting, vessels and tabletop pieces for IKEA made from natural materials. presented at london design festival 2015, each of the objects in the ‘sinnerlig collection’ explore the beauty of their raw properties and celebrate the imperfections that arise in their production process.


flexible and functional, the series can be loosely grouped into three categories — working, dining and lounging — with the trestle table, dining table and the daybed, respectively, at the core of each sector. as a reflection of changing lifestyles and the ever-increasing desire for adaptability within the home, the line has been designed to conform to a variety of settings and situations. for example, the trestle table can be a desk by day and dining table by night, benches can be used as consoles and stools can turn into side tables. ‘the key word here is ‘could’ not ‘should’, studioilse encourages, ‘it’s up to you to decide how you wish to live with these things and how they fit into your life.’

sinnerlig collection by stusioilse for ikea designboom
the collection of lighting and vessels sits atop a cork surface




each piece in the collection has been developed in minute detail to ensure that forms, finishes and dimensions allow for minimal industrial waste and maximum cost-effectiveness. one of the collection’s more striking features is the use of cork. studioilse worked with a portuguese family owned supplier that is the world leader in production, research and innovation in the material. cork’s properties as a sustainable, durable, thermal insulating and acoustic softening material offer perfect possibilities for home furnishings, alongside its warm tonal qualities that feel both natural and precious at the same time.

stusioilse_sinnerlig collection_ikea_designboom_005
cork furniture includes a tabletop, benches and stools

stusioilse_sinnerlig collection_ikea_designboom_008
the adaptable range can see stools become side tables

stusioilse_sinnerlig collection_ikea_designboom_009
the daybed sees wood and canvas materials meet

stusioilse_sinnerlig collection_ikea_designboom_006
the cork surface gives the sense of being both natural and precious at the same time

stusioilse_sinnerlig collection_ikea_designboom_007
glass vessels include cork stoppers

stusioilse_sinnerlig collection_ikea_designboom_010
a woven pattern surrounds the bulb, offering dramatic shadows on surrounding surfaces