pet furniture that blends WITH home interiors


elegant furniture and pets aren’t two things that typically go hand in hand. as jiyoun kim studio says, scratching posts and litter boxes for cats can often be ‘humongous and terrible plastic’ affairs that don’t harmonize with chic home interiors. to remedy this, the designers have collaborated with korean pet brand milliong to create two new products: a cat tower and a cat scratcher.


the main concept behind the collection is to create harmonious living spaces for both pets and their owners. ‘we propose the lifestyle for pets and partners altogether,’  says jiyoun kim studio.

milliong cat furniture collection 10
the three poles cat tower (normal version)



the three poles cat tower


the designers first debuted the ‘three poles cat tower’ in 2019 but they have since updated the product with revised proportions and a strengthened lower metal base. they also added a low version of the tower for cats with shorter legs. 


the towers are made with round birch plywood on top of three sturdy metal rods. each scaffold is modular for the users to freely rearrange them according to their taste. the metal plate inside of the carpet at the bottom serves as the overall support for the product. the materials and color compositions have been selected to achieve a sleek yet solid structure all the while blending in with surroundings.

milliong cat furniture collection 7
the three poles cat tower (low version)



the two circle cat scratcher


the second part of this feline furniture project is the two circle cat scratcher, which, along with three poles cat tower, is designed along the theme of ‘beautiful together’. two scratchers, made of fabric and birchwood, overlap elegantly when seen from the front. the overall simplicity of the metal structure and circular birchwood makes it sturdy and easy to manage.


the two circle cat scratcher comes in two colorways — beige and brown — and is available on milliong alongside the three poles cat tower collection from winter 2021.

milliong cat furniture collection 3
the two circles cat scratcher

milliong cat furniture collection 1
the three poles cat tower and the two circles cat scratcher

stylish cat towers and scratchers designed by jiyoun kim studio
the milliong cat furniture collection



designers jiyoun kim and hannah lee
designers jiyoun kim and hannah lee

project info:


name: milliong cat furniture collection

client: milliong
design: jiyoun kim studio (jiyoun kim, hannah lee, sewon chung)


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