scissor handle repair by tom

hack things better with ‘sugru‘, a silicone substance invented by irish designer jane ní dhulchaointigh, which makes it easy to alter or repair your products. jane has been working on developing the substance for about six years, alongside scientists, trying to give the ‘goo’ as many great physical properties as possible, maximizing its versatility and usefulness.

sugru works much like a modeling clay. as its exposed to air, it cures into a durable, flexible silicon overnight, using the moisture in the air. the working time is 30 minutes, with cure time being 24 hours for pieces that are 3-5mm deep. the substance is also self-adhesive, forming bonds to such materials as aluminum, steel, ceramics, glass and some plastics such as perspex. the goo also has a good tolerance to temperatures, resisting from -60°C to + 180°C. it gets hot and cold, but not softer or harder. ideally, use sugru at 21°C if possible. warm conditions will speed up cure time and cold will slow it down. it is also waterproof (easy to clean with soap and water), which means it can even be put in your washing machine and dishwater. its flexibility allows you to repair things that need to move such as textiles and shoes.

sugru has been shortlisted in the product category of the brit insurance design awards 2010.

here are some product hacks from sugru users: more hacking here

sugru repairing cracks with sugru

this product hack is from paul. his wife picked up this pot about 20 years ago in a flea market, however, the bakelite handle cracked off, so he repaired it with sugru.

sugru user james repairs his bike with sugru!

sugru sugru soap brackets

james had no where to keep soap so he made some brackets over his kitchen sink, which are particularly hand when the soap is running low.

sugru a batch of sugru coming out of the mixer

sugru potential applications for sugru

an interview with jane ní dhulchaointigh, the inventor of sugru:

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