‘coffee chair’ by sunhan kwon’

‘coffee chair’ by korean designer sunhan kwon takes its name from it’s form. breaking away from the general symmetry of a chair, the seat appears like a silhouette of a coffee mug on a saucer, whose handle can be used as a hook for draping a jacket or hanging a bag. the design satisfies both elements of functional and decorative design, and is intended for use in cafés, restaurants etc.

sunhan kwon: coffee chair ‘coffee chair’ comes in three colors

sunhan kwon: coffee chair front and back view of the ‘coffee chair’ in use

the chair is manufactured by bentek furniture and is made from european wood veneer with a painted finish. it measures 547 x 470 x 810 mm in size.

sunhan kwon: coffee chair

Coffee Chair from Sunhan Kwon on Vimeo.