sunne: the solar light that brings the sun indoors

sunne: the solar light that brings the sun indoors

a self-powered ambient solar light


Sunne is a self-powered solar light that captures the hues of a sunset. In 2021, award-winning solar designer Marjan van Aubel and her team launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund the production of the first in a line of solar-driven products. The Sunne brand was then officially founded in 2022 when Marjan van Aubel joined forces with solar engineer Erwin Marges. Driven by their shared love for solar, the duo combined modern aesthetics, sustainability, and technology, introducing self-powering products that fit seamlessly within the home.


Suspended in front of your window, Sunne harvests energy from the sun, and stores it in its integrated battery. With no plugs or external power supply, it turns itself on automatically at sundown and can be adjusted in three settings that imitate all the natural moments of the sun; Sunne Rise, Sunne Set, and Sunne Light. 

sunne: the solar light that brings the sun indoors

all images by Sunne | when the sun goes down, Sunne brings the glow of sunset into your home   



harnessing the sun’s energy in a domestic enviroment


The duo (see more here) aimed to integrate solar energy into our daily environment, introducing an elegant design that responds to the requirements for a sustainable future. ‘The sun is an unlimited free source of energy and is key to fighting our climate crisis. Through innovative solar design, Sunne weaves energy into objects to enhance their functionality and transform how they look. By embedding solar technology into our everyday lives, we can accelerate the transition to a solar-powered future,’ shares the Sunne team


Measuring 80 cm in length, Sunne light hangs in front of your window through a simple and secure hanging system, while no external plug is needed. Suspended from the two steel wires, the autonomous object mimics the shades of the sky throughout the day, while the lamp’s oval shape is reminiscent of the horizon. Its curved shape contains solar cells that harvest energy during the day and then store it in an integrated battery in order to create ambient light at night. To switch the device on and off, simply touch a sensor on the lamp’s aluminum frame or use the app. 

sunne: the solar light that brings the sun indoors

it can be adjusted to three settings

sunne: the solar light that brings the sun indoors


Sunne light turns sunlight into a gentle ambient display, stimulating the different skies during the day

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