It’s-a me, Mario boots!


Video games seem to inspire lots of shoe designers these days. The public has seen Astroboy Red Boots come to life. Now, Super Mario’s leather boots make an entrance, packed with mushroom materials to mimic the Nintendo game series Mushroom Kingdom. Red Wing Shoes take on the playful recreation of Super Mario’s famed boots in the game, calling their Mario’s Boots. ‘It’s here, the official boot of Super Mario Bros. Plumbing,’ the design team says. The pair of chunky leather boots for plumbers surely injects the fun in fixing and installing pipes!


Red Wing Shoes have brought in their craftspeople to turn the Super Mario Boots into an actual pair of shoes. Mario’s boots are crafted from Red Wing leather, with a reinforced toe box and a rounded heel. The design team’s pride lies in the boots’ heel pads which are made with mushroom-infused materials to reminisce about Mario’s signature abilities. Red Wing Shoes were tapped by Nintendo to create Mario’s Boots as part of its promotional stunt for the upcoming Super Mario Bros. movies, out on April 5th, 2023.

super mario leather boots
images courtesy of Red Wing Shoes



Super Mario Boots withstand extreme heat


Red Wing Shoes and The Super Mario Bros. movie team confirm that the chunky Mario’s Boots are part of Mario’s leap to the big screen. ‘We translated every on-screen pixel into a real-life stitch and brought his boots to life as a single (1 of 1) prototype pair,’ the movie and design team say who also state that the leather Super Mario boots are ‘durable, quality leather, and have slip-resistant treads.’


The mushroom-based mycelium heel pads directly refer to the game which provides a welcome power-up to help Mario take on Bowser and his army. The Super Mario boots can withstand extreme heat contact, and its toe box has been tested to brace, and embrace, impact. While the reactions are mixed, many are interested in hopping into one of Mario’s Boots. As of publishing the story, the video that Red Wing Shoes posted states that the boots are not available for retail sale.

super mario leather boots
the outsoles are made with mushroom-based mycelium materials

super mario leather boots
the leather boots are flame-resistant

super mario leather boots
the design team used red wing leather

super mario leather boots
the boots come with a reinforced toe box and a rounded heel

super mario leather boots
as of publishing the story, the super Mario leather boots are not available for retail



project info:


name: Mario’s Boots

companies: Red Wing Shoes, Nintendo

movie: The Super Mario Bros.