LEGO goes green with a new range of ‘botanical’ elements including leaves, bushes and trees all made from plant-based plastic sourced from sugarcane. the new ‘botanical’ elements will come in varieties including leaves, bushes and trees.


the new sustainable LEGOs are made from polyethylene, a soft, durable and flexible plastic. the unique brick design is one of the group’s steps towards using sustainable materials in its core products and packaging.

sustainable LEGO made from plant-sourced plastics will launch in 2018
images courtesy of LEGO



the toy manufacturer has partnered with WWF to support and build demand for sustainably sourced plastic, purchasing sugarcane from brazil whilst ensuring their supplies are grown on agricultural land. the sugarcane sourcing has also been approved by the bioplastic feedstock alliance, which provides guidance on sustainable grown sugarcane.


the products signal the brand’s hopes to eventually make most of its ‘core products’ from sustainable sources. the LEGO group targeted 2030 to reach zero waste in operations reducing plastic waste from going to landfill.