SweatTent, an Ultra-Portable, powerful sauna


Saunas are small rooms where people experience hot steam baths that have therapeutic effects on both the body and health. Sometimes designers interpret the traditional sauna rooms in creative ways to offer unique and bizarre experiences to their users. SweatTent is a combination of a traditional sauna and a pop-up tent that brings the luxury and health benefits of a daily sauna and lets you enjoy heat sessions in the great outdoors. Easy to assemble, it takes just three minutes to set up and take down and you can place it in any desired outdoor location.


The tent is ultra-efficient and safe to use; SweatTent is made from two layers of durable, weather-proof Oxford 210D fabric with a lightweight, powerful layer of insulation between. This material is fire-proofed and doesn’t release chemicals when heated.




a daily sauna efficient and safe to use even in your yard


Thanks to its small size and weight, SweatTent is designed to go anywhere with you and easily fit in your trunk. 

‘We’ve tested our design in rain and snow, on frozen lakes and mountain tops – it takes it all in stride. Reinforced corners, ground-seal wind skirting, and holdfast steel stakes mean you can take it absolutely anywhere.’


The package comes with a tent, heater, sauna rocks and holder, and a thermometer so you can effortlessly control the temperature and duration of your sauna session. A bench and water bucket, and ladle will be available as add-ons. The stainless steel stove produces the highest heat output possible (200°F+/ 93°C) in the shortest amount of time, less than 30 minutes. The tent is designed to fit up to three people while weighing less than 60 pounds (approx. 27 Kg), making it the lightest traditional sauna ever.


You can fund this project on the Indiegogo website.

meet sweattent: a pop up sauna that sets up anywhere in 3 min

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meet sweattent: a pop up sauna that sets up anywhere in 3 min
the set comes with a stainless steel stove

meet sweattent: a portable pop-up sauna that sets up anywhere in 3 min
the integrated spark arrestor, fire-retardant roof, and steel-plated chimney vent protect your tent from damage



 project info:


name: SweatTent: The portable, powerful, anywhere sauna

designer: SweatTent

dimensions: 6ft/1.8m (L) x 6ft/1.8m (W) x 7ft/2.1m(H)