my sweet box pots constructed from single soapstone block

all photos courtesy of veronica fasulo, stefano guglielmino and massimo farinatti




the ‘my sweet box’ soapstone pots by: veronica fasulo, stefano guglielmino and massimo farinatti began as a collaboration with italian exporter valmalenco. the series reflects a redesign of the traditional basins from valmalenco called the ‘lavecs’ which are characterized by soapstone and copper stripes. this contemporary set can withstand high cooking temperatures while the soapstone retains and diffuses heat in an efficient manner. each pot is formed from a single block of stone and is available in three variations. 

soapstone pot
the low and high pots feature a glass top with stone handle

sweet box 3
profile of the tall pot, notice how the handles were carved from the original block

sweet box 5
each piece incorporates exceptional detail work to create a superior cooking experience

sweet box 6



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edited by: trevor reed | designboom