brooklyn’s new domino park’s playground referred to as sweetwater, is designed by renowned artist mark reigelman and presents a dynamic opportunity to introduce a new generation of new yorkers to the historic heritage that acted as a key catalyst for the williamsburg neighborhood to explode in the 20th century. the domino sugar factory at one point employed around 4,500 people and functioned as a melting pot for a wide range of backgrounds and ethnicities coming and working together in difficult conditions at the refinery, all in search of opportunity and prosperity.sweetwater mark reigelman
from the catwalk, new york city’s skyline is visible with sweetwater park taking center stage
all images credited to mark reigelman II



thus, two trees’ domino park celebrates the rich history of one of new york’s most iconic industrial waterfront sites, with the playground utilizing infrastructure of the refinery and promoting physical activity and social engagement.sweetwater mark reigelman
view from under the cat walk exposes the skeleton of the the sweetwater park



at the highest point of the park, users can experience unparalleled views of new york’s skyline while also visualizing how sugarwater pays homage to the site historical setting. reigelman uses preserved industrial artifacts and elements that were originally featured in the domino sugar refinery, such as the color choices which reflect the original factory. additionally, there are pieces of wood taken from the factory floors on the facade of one of the cabins, next to valve wheels casts found throughout the area. 1 of the 3 primary structures features a silo and an industrial containers with stainless steel slides, climbers which combine to provide an nostalgic aspect to the architecture and infrastructure of the factory.

sweetwater mark reigelman
the park features reused materials from the domino factory



these ‘colors, graphics, materials, and layout‘ all ‘influenced by the domino sugar refinery to create a space for urban exploring and curiosity.

sweetwater mark reigelman
the silo has been repurposed for a slide



’embarking through three stages– sugarcane cabin, sweetwater silo and sugar cube centrifuge, kids will be chopped and discarded from an industrial cabin, filtered into sweet water syrup, and emerge as perfectly refined raw sugar.’sweetwater mark reigelman
there are three main structures to the parksweetwater mark reigelman
the three structures are connectedsweetwater mark reigelman
the northern structure is made out of reused wood from the factorysweetwater mark reigelman
more elements, such as the slide entry to the silo is built from factory remainssweetwater mark reigelman
view from inside the northern structuresweetwater mark reigelman
the colors used by mark reigelman are meant to be associated with the factory as wellsweetwater mark reigelman
here all three structures and the parents’ sitting area and skyline of nyc are visiblesweetwater mark reigelman
installation process reveals the domino sugar skeleton sweetwater mark reigelman
installation pt 2

sweetwater mark reigelman
the three structures have a frame very similar to that of an industrial feelsweetwater mark reigelman
layout of the sweetwater park



playground run through