the first designers’ saturday took place in langenthal in 1987. since then there have been ten of these biennial occasions, to provide support for the swiss design scene whilst giving it a publicity platform and stimulating its further development.

‘cakefriends’ utensils, tableware and packaging

swiss designer christophe marchand created ‘cakefriends’, a restaurant and takeaway cake shop. designing the interior, tableware and packaging he created an environment hoping to convey modern swiss design. included in the range are flatware dishes and utensils. for the coffee bar he designed chairs and stools that have storage space for bags. marchand’s work will be featured as part of cartes blanche at designer’s saturday 08, switzerland.

swiss designers saturday 08: christophe marchand cakelifter

swiss designers saturday 08: christophe marchand ‘cakefriends’ coffee bar, tableware