‘ray light’ by sylvain willenze for tamawa all images courtesy of sylvain willenz

tamawa specializes in the production techniques, expertise and understanding of bakelight balls. using this product as his starting point, belgian designer sylvain willenz has created the ‘ray light’ suspension lamp which investigates the common use and typology of tubular lighting (TL), a light source usually found in crude and low-tech designs for non-domestic situations. here, willenz’s domestic lighting fixture design brings an original and colorful alternative to common TL connects. the suspension lamp is available in 1 or 3 hanging modules, in 7 colors, or in full black and uses dimmable TLs.

sylvain willenz: ray light for tamawa with various colored balls

sylvain willenz: ray light for tamawa detail

sylvain willenz: ray light for tamawa production process of drilling the holes into the balls to accommodate the tubular lighting