the ‘+++table’ – the largest version of the series composed of three worktop panels



fraaiheid is an amsterdam-based brand led by three architects: daniel aw, sjoerd schaapveld and rikjan scholten. their first product to go to market is the ‘+table’ series, which was developed from their working experience in dutch construction and their desire to make innovative products which easily appeal to a public who wants to add a little bit of fraaiheid-‘beauty’ in dutch)-to their lives. with the +table they created a design table for a non-design price that can be put together in three minutes.


it is made from a single sheet of CNC-cut laminated birch plywood which is finished with a layer of coloured hpl (high pressure laminate) for extra protection.  assembled without the requirement of any other material or tool at all, just three minutes of old-fashioned manual labour by the consumerto construct it.


the ‘+table’ gets its name from the cross-shaped joints visible in its table top. these are the result of the way the different partsof the base are put together, clearly showing the construction method of the design. if the joints are looked at closely, the essence of the used material emerges, the layers of the wood becoming visible. the ‘+ table’ is available in four sizes and comes in a variety of colours.



+ table series by fraaiheidthe ‘+++table’ which is constructed using no additional tools



+ table series by fraaiheiddetail of the way in which the ‘+table’ slots together



+ table series by fraaiheidtop view of the corner ‘+’ detail

+ table series by fraaiheid‘+++table’ in black


+ table series by fraaiheid‘++table’

+ table series by fraaiheid‘+table’



+ table series by fraaiheidthe ‘+/-table’ series



+ table series by fraaiheid‘+table’ collection



+ table series by fraaiheidexploded view of the ‘+++table’

+ table series by fraaiheidlayout of the ‘+++table’ parts which is cut from a single piece of plywood


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