front view of the ‘daily chair’ image © designboom

israeli designer tal gur‘s ‘daily chair’ on display at the promisedesign exhibition at milan design week 2011 is made from discarded newspapers that have been formed with paper-mâché over a metal frame. the design demonstrates how contemporary designers from the nation have a history of mixing handcraft and production techniques.

the 2011 edition of promisedesign represents a broader reaching perspective of israeli designers since its inception in 2005, with the intention to address a deeper more complete understanding of israeli design in the international scene.

tal gur: daily chair profile view image © designboom

tal gur: daily chair rear view with the ability to see the structure underneath. image © designboom

tal gur: daily chair left: another model of the style of chair by gur. right: rear 3/4 view of the chair at salone.