‘monolog’ by tal gur all photos by yigal pardo

a bench and side table combination, ‘monolog’ is an assembly of wooden planks which makes each furniture object appear as if they are composed of a single piece of timber. conceived by tal gur, the israeli designer’s intention was to create a seating unit which deals with this notion of a living organism, such as a tree, and turning into an inanimate object — in this case, a bench. here, gur makes his design look as if it was a trunk that had just fallen or been chopped down, now lying horizontally supported by ‘branches’. completed with a multi-faceted finish, it now offers a place of rest. when upright, the bench could be used as a coat rack, bringing a different life back to the tree, creating a dialogue between the possibility of its various arrangements.

tal gur: monolog bench the bench looks like a tree trunk which appears to have just fallen or been chopped down

tal gur: monolog bench when upright, the bench can be used as a coat rack