the ‘waft’ stool by tanimatsumura all images are courtesy of tanimatsumura

japanese design studio tanimatsumura‘s (takaaki tani and kazunori matsumura) ‘waft’, a stool made of hybrid plywood. the process of developing the the seat involves laminating and binding aluminum and beech wood together under pressure, making the plywood lightweight and flexible. because of the material’s thinness steric torsion has been used to twist the legs of the stool to provide enough strength to support the weight of each sitter. the idea of the stool’s form is meant to bring about the depiction of leaves ‘floating in the air’.

tanimatsumura: 'waft' stool the ‘waft’ stool

tanimatsumura: 'waft' stool close-up detail of ‘waft’ stool

tanimatsumura: 'waft' stool

tanimatsumura: 'waft' stool designer kazunori matsumura of tanimatsumura