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toke blicher møller is a danish motion designer and director who has a MA in visual communication, and over a decade of experience in animation and motion graphics. the versatile artist has a diverse visual style and a strong focus on details and craftsmanship. in his most recent project ‘square’, he experiments with perceptions of natural environments by immersing the regular quadrilateral in various dramatic landscapes. 

tbm studio square video designboom
the geometric form immersed in the seascape




the project from tbm studio offers an insight into how the natural environment can experiment with animated, geometric forms. it first appears to be layered on top of an evening seascape, before the waves reveal that the ‘square’ is very much inside this composition. it then offers a restricted view through pine trees in the fog. melodrama is provided when it finds its way into a thunder and lightening storm, before being transported to the tranquility of a rocky mountainscape. the video concludes with the ‘square’ sat among chopped pieces of timber that are stood tall, before, they unexpectedly fly towards the viewer in the eeriest of fashions.

tbm studio square video designboom



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