teague and NIKE athlete’s sky-high training and treatment plane
images courtesy of teague




teague and NIKE have collaboratively created the ‘athlete’s plane’, a sky-high pre- and post-game training and treatment facility for professional sports teams. the ‘athlete’s plane’ is specifically designed to decrease the negative effects of teams traveling to away matches and led them to develop a customized aircraft interior that focused on the unique needs and challenges of the competitors. thanks to a partnership with NIKE, the requirements of performers were better understood through interviewing physicians, coaches, operations staff and sleep specialists. the result is a mobile away facility and data center system that combines smart apparel, accessories and footwear to the jet to help optimize teams’ performances for distant events.





crowded game schedules causes injuries and suboptimal performance so the consultancy focused the design on four areas of performance innovation that are not addressed by normal, commercial charters; recovery, circulation, sleep and thinking. to equalize the negative effects of air travel on the mind and body, the inside brings the training room to 40,000 feet through in-flight biometrics and analysis. equipment that ensures optimal circulation and promotes healing is built-in, along with designing ideal sleeping conditions and the creation of spaces for mental activities like film studying. the team is able to prepare for and recover from games whilst flying because monitoring, data analyzing and treatment methods is all possible. the interior caters for the athletes, coaches and support staff needs by devising specific zones that pay particular attention to foot traffic, climate control, privacy and noise and light disturbances.



the interior is divided into specialized zones to create the optimal environment facilities


all the athletes’ needs are covered by the mobile center


comfortable areas are provided to allow players to relax




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