dutch electric grid, tennet, has created plans for the world’s largest wind farm – to deliver power to the netherlands and united kingdom, and eventually belgium, germany, and denmark. the farm will be located in the dogger bank, about 100 km (60 miles) off the coast of yorkshire in the UK and supported by an artificial island.


north sea island tennet
video by tennet



the island was the connecting mainland between europe and the british isles during the last ice age, meaning the bank’s shallowness is perfect for rooting the planned thousands of wind turbines. it’s location also puts any electricity generated from the farm within reach of five countries. worlds largest wind farm tennet dogger island
dogger island lies perfectly placed in between neighboring countries
all images courtesy of tennet



the london array is currently the largest offshore wind farm in the world, which can produce 630 megawatts of power over 47 square miles. the proposed wind farm would be capable of producing 30 gigawatts of power which is more than double the amount of offshore wind power installed across europe currently.

worlds largest wind farm tennet dogger island
the proposed wind farm would be the largest of its kind