when it comes to the post-pandemic world we should think global but act local, says the thailand’s department of international trade promotion, ministry of commerce (DITP). the thai style solutions initiative promotes the country’s products and design services as alternative solutions for global consumers. it proposes a new perspective on the future of sustainable growth for thailand by encouraging passionate designers and entrepreneurs to collaborate with communities in order to bring businesses to the local economy.


from upcycling furniture and textiles to modernizing traditional craft techniques, explore the examples of local creative collaborations through the thai style solutions initiative.

thai style solutions celebrate local sustainable craft for post-pandemic world
art solution featuring the works of ease studio, anon pairot, sarran youkongdee, masaya, sumphat gallery, and benjametha



thai style solutions looks to design for post-pandemic solutions. it hopes to highlight both the capacity and capability of the country’s creative industries.


the COVID-19 outbreak has caused global economic stagnation and supply chain disruption on a never-before-seen scale. at the same time, the environmental problems have accelerated. the path to recovery is therefore different. the growth strategy for the future will not be the same as the pre-COVID world. this campaign reflects DITP’s attempt to move fast to be ready for every challenge,explains somdet susomboon, the director general of the department of international trade promotion. ‘now the world is facing multi-dimensional crises. but there is always a solution to every problem, and thai style solutions could be a future-proof model for those who are looking for new ways to create a better life in these challenging times.

thai style solutions celebrate local sustainable craft for post-pandemic world
thai design sensibilities, featuring the works of srinlim, 5ive sis, lamunlamai, panpuri, ek thongprasert, the head and the heart studio, plural designs, pasaya, PATAPiAN, and sumphat gallery



the initiative targets five key aspects. as the first, creative solution encourages collaborative processes where thailand’s renowned creative talent combines with its flexible manufacturing, such as its ability to create and adapt quickly to fast-changing demands globally. design solution aims to showcase thai design service businesses that combine aesthetics with a human touch, which is needed even more when social distancing is practiced. growth solution explores a path to a sustainable economy by linking local craftspeople and communities to the global supply chain. green solution prompts thai creators to think out-of-the-box with environmentally-friendly practices when innovating. lastly, art solution looks to commission local artists and designers to create bespoke pieces characterized in unique expression and culture.

thai style solutions celebrate local sustainable craft for post-pandemic world
the art of thai hospitality, featuring the works of atelier pichita, panpuri, dot design studio, and I-spa



the results of the initiative comprise a series of lifestyle products deeply enriched by a touch of craftsmanship. they extend material longevity by upcycling furniture and recycling textiles; they push the boundaries of traditional crafting techniques to form new, modern possibilities; and at the heart of each item, they all celebrate the very best of thailand: the sustainable materials, dedicated artisan makers, and the rich culture.


lunar chair, designed by suwan kongkhuntien, combined the skills of traditional rattan furniture making with the modern assembly process and eco-friendly materials.


in a revival of iconic design and high quality craftsmanship, designer korakot aromdee encouraged villagers to transfer their craft skill set to produce highly different various items, from pendant lamps to wall art.


THINKK studio, a design duo based in bangkok, launched their own brand THINGG, which celebrates folk crafts by producing and marketing well designed products made by local artisans with sustainable materials.

thai style solutions celebrate local sustainable craft for post-pandemic world
when green is the new black, featuring the works of PiN, labrador, ayodhya, renim project, qualy, and deesawat


thai style solutions celebrate local sustainable craft for post-pandemic world
pop crafts, featuring the works of PATAPiAN, PiN, thinkk studio, anon pairot, korakot, plural designs, and doitung



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initiative: thai style solutions

organizer: thailand’s department of international trade promotion (DITP), ministry of commerce