‘wicker lamps’ by the andes house

located 150km south of santiago, chile, chimbarongo is the hometown of young chilean design group the andes house. using the country’s raw materials and learning from the knowledge of traditional craftsmanship, the young chilean designers created these ‘wicker’ lamps, as part of their lighting and furniture line named ‘made in mimbre‘. the lamps are made from natural fiber obtained from the salix plant. maintaining its natural color, the fiber strands are braided around a wire frame.

the andes house: wicker lamps ‘wicker’ table lamps by the andes house

the andes house: wicker lamps ‘wicker’ pendant lamp

the andes house: wicker lamps dried fiber strands obtained from salix plants

the andes house: wicker lamps collage of the making process photos taken in chimbarongo, chile

about ‘made in mimbre’ video by joaquín mora