tomas gabzdil libertiny of rotterdam’s studio libertiny sent us some images of his latest design. ‘the bic blue cabinet’ is a tall and slender cabinet that is painted with the special ink used in the notorious bic ballpoint pen. libertiny contacted bic directly, ordering the ink from their french headquarters. the unusual paint actually has very unique iridescent properties that are evident when used on such a large scale. the ink was applied and then coated with a ‘french polish’ finish, a technique of layering shellac to make the surface very hard. the design features a ‘push to open mechanism, which keeps the front clean. ‘the bic blue cabinet’ will be shown for the first time at design miami/basel 2009 in june through perimeter editions.


'the bic blue cabinet' by studio libertiny reinventing the bic pen

'the bic blue cabinet' by studio libertiny