waste is food waste does not exist… the biological and technical components (nutrients) of a product are designed by intention 
to fit within a materials cycle,  designed for disassembly and re-purposing. the biological nutrients are non-toxic 
and can be simply composted. technical nutrients –  polymers, alloys and other man-made materials are designed 
to be used again with minimal energy.

diversity is strength
 modularity, versatility and adaptiveness are to be prioritised in an uncertain and fast evolving world. diverse systems, 
with many connections and scales are more resilient in the face of external shocks, 
than systems built simply for efficiency.

energy must come from renewable sources as in life, any system should ultimately aim to run on ‘current sunshine’ and generate energy through renewable sources.

systems thinking – not just a car but a car within a system the ability to understand how things influence one another within a whole. elements are considered as ‘fitting in’ their infrastructure, environment and social context. try to describe how these factors influence one another within a whole.


RENAULT ZE PROJIECT by launching a range of electric cars that are accessible to everybody, Renault is committed to making cars simpler, more comfortable, more technologically advanced, and above all, a lot kinder to the environment. 

Renault ZE TWIZY

the circular economy SEE THE VIDEO HERE