shortly before the end of 2008, newton running presented a unique eco-friendly packaging. colorado-based TDA advertising agency designed a nice packaging that is moulded around the shape of a pair of shoes. these new containers are made of 100% recycled pulp (that egg cartons are made of). the shoes themselves also use recycled materials. at a first glimpse it seemed to be a genial idea, but after a lot of research the people at newton found out that the moulded boxes were significantly more expensive to make and that they would dramatically increase overall freight costs because they do not stack in containers, warehouses or retail stores efficiently.

the columbus's egg of shoe packaging is a moulded pulp container?

in early 2009 newton got back to the rectangular shoeboxes. gladly they’ve chosen one that is produced from 100% post consumer waste and uses soy-based inks. the not-so-new packaging is easy to store and ship, it’s lightweight and it’s easy to break down and recycle. rather than tissue paper, they’re using recycled cardboard inserts (scraps from the box die-cut) to protect the shoes. the moulded pulp boxes are a classic example of the frequent disconnect between design and development. while the moulded pulp design was innovative, ultimately the rectangular packaging has a significantly lower carbon footprint.