barcelona industrial design studio the emotion lab has just sent in images of their latest project called ‘moonwatch’. this design accessory establishes a relationship between the moon cycle and a person’s emotional state. time is based on nature, thus, inviting people to reflect upon and gain a closer understanding of their mood and daily life on earth. the emotion lab: moonwatch detail

the moon has been a guide and object of admiration and mysticism for thousands of years. agriculture, fertility, tidal patterns, human behaviour and many other activities have been linked to the different moon phases.

with ‘moonwatch’, a person is always able to determine exactly what phase the moon is in. clouds, pollution or a general ignorance to the moon cycle are no longer an issue. with time and observation, a person can find patterns which sync their behaviour to the different moon phases.

the emotion lab: moonwatch ‘moonwatch’ indicating time

‘moonwatch’ also indicates the time. users can switch between the two interfaces through the push of the button. during the day, the time is indicated with a black background and during the night the interface changes to white in order to improve visibility.

a small solar cell helps to charge the watch; another analogy which highlights the relationship between sun and moon.

the emotion lab: moonwatch ‘moonwatch’ indicating full moon the emotion lab: moonwatch sideview

the emotion lab: moonwatch ‘moonwatch’ indicating different moon phases

the emotion lab: moonwatch process sketches