the fabrick lab + guo derui re-skin ancient treasure boxes using dynasty silk
all images courtesy of the fabrick lab




‘re-skin’ is the story of an unlikely encounter, a craft adventure between traditional beijing box maker, guo derui and textile experimentalist elaine ng yan ling, founder of the fabrick lab in hong kong. the small treasure boxes were presented during BJDW beijing design week 2014 as part of the dashilar pilot craft program and are made from extremely rare fabrics from the song and tang dynasty.


working together at the back of mr guo’s convenience store in the studio where he lives, cooks and makes, they remodeled the ancient boxes into bespoke pieces by combining sophisticated craft techniques and advanced textile processes.

the project explores traditional box making with new materials and technologies



the hands on sessions included exchanging fabric ideas, mixing hand and digital cutting methods together, introducing woven fabrics and re-sizing the typical mould and trails with new colours and combinations. unlike modern containers, which serve multiple purposes, the design process begins with the object in mind as the form of each box is made especially to fit.

‘re-skin’ remodels ancient boxes into bespoke pieces

the containers use extremely rare silk from the song and tang dynasty

new materials and colors are applied to the boxes

detail of the process

the boxes were ‘re-skinned’ in guo derui’s studio where he lives and works

elaine ng yan ling of the fabrick lab and guo derui at the ‘re-skin’ exhibition