‘sol’ by the product*

sol,’ designed by the product*, is an immersive environment that invites visitors to understand the origins of solar energy in a playful, interactive way.

along the exterior of the installation space, long narrow lights pulsate on a curved metallic golden wall. a curtained door along the side leads visitors to the interior, a dark room with a black circular table in the center. on the surface of the table, bright digital renderings of protons move chaotically, occasionally colliding with one another in small explosions of light and sound.

the product*: sol interior room (core) of ‘sol’

when these fusions occur, bursts of light flash in the space from below the table, and the lights along the exterior wall increase in intensity. the effect mimics the production of light energy through nuclear fusion of hydrogen atoms in the sun’s core.

visitors can interact with the protons, using their hands to push or corral them together to increase the frequency of fusions.

the product*: sol users can use their hands to interact with the protons

the product*: sol table detail

the product*: sol first encounter with ‘sol’

video of ‘sol’