tea-sub and umbrella infuser by OTOTO weather storms in a cup
all images courtesy of OTOTO




israel design studio OTOTO has produced two quirky kitchen accessory, the ‘umbrella tea infuser’ and ‘tea-sub’. adding an element of fun to the comforting process of brewing a cup of hot tea, the umbrella-shaped piece can be filled with leaves and dipped into water to create the desired brew. attaching the handle to the edge of the mug, the flavor mixes in gradually and can easily be removed when the tea is ready. the product may not keep you dry on a rainy day, but it definitely weathers a storm in your cup. while the umbrella shields one from water, the sub dives beneath it to spill flavor from below! the sub rests along the bottom while a metal chain extend from the cup making for easy extraction. both are available for purchase in the designboom shop from SOHO design shop!


‘there’s nothing like a hot cup of tea on a rainy day… just fill the umbrella with tea mixture and dip it in hot water to create your favorite brew.’ says OTOTO.

tea-sub and umbrella infusers by OTOTO weather storms in a cup
the umbrella tea infuser seals fresh tea leaves in the top

tea-sub dives beneath the waves


the umbrella adds a fun element to making tea

the periscope makes the perfect mount for the chain

tea-sub and umbrella infusers by OTOTO weather storms in a cup

fill the umbrella with your favorite tea mixture

pop the bow open to store the leaves within


tea-sub and umbrella infusers by OTOTO weather storms in a cup





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