thearsenale reimagines the renault twingo


Design agency TheArsenale celebrates the 30th anniversary of the Renault Twingo with this series of otherworldly concept cars. The project marks a continuation of the duo’s collaboration, which proposed a futuristic, flying edition of the iconic 4L in 2021 (see designboom’s coverage here). This time, the New York-based team makes use of both human and artificial intelligence to generate a collection of playful iterations that reimagine the 1992-made French car.

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engaging with a community of auto enthusiasts


With its new campaign for Renault, TheArsenale invites design enthusiasts to further collaborate to create their own, unique edition. The design agency says: ‘For those who want to create their imaginary Twingo with Al, take five minutes and a Zoom call with us, we are able to create it live together!


From February 1st to March 31st, 2023, the public is invited to create, imagine and reinvent the Twingo using such generative AI tools as Midjourney, Stable Diffusion and DallE. Just enter a few keywords and harness these image generators to create incredible and one-of-a-kind visuals.


Since the last ten years, we have successfully brought innovative concept to one of our favorite car company,‘ the group continues: ‘This one is surely the most fast forward thinking, as we engage the worldwide community to re-invent the iconic Twingo with a special Artificial Intelligence supply.

TheArsenale renault twingo



artificial intelligence as an automotive design tool


The use of artificial intelligence as a design tool has surged over this past year, as platforms have become more sophisticated. From art and product design created to replicate the style of familiar historic artists, to furniture design taking cues from nature, to fantastical works of fictional architecture generated as an iterative, form-finding device.


TheArsenale employs artificial intelligence to harness the recognizable elements of the Renault Twingo to generate a reinvented, entirely unique edition for an alternate world. 

TheArsenale renault twingo TheArsenale renault twingo TheArsenale renault twingoTheArsenale celebrates 30 years of renault twingo with otherworldly AI concepts TheArsenale celebrates 30 years of renault twingo with otherworldly AI concepts



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design team: TheArsenale and Renault