thomas gossner has introduced ‘flair’, a chair that focuses on the changing needs and requirements of public seating, allowing users to access a seat whenever they need one. through exploration of the emerging chairs concept, the designer has created the flair that can be attached flat to walls and unfolded by detaching one side, pushing the chair together. 

flair the flattest chair in public space 2
flair unfolded
all images courtesy of thomas gossner 



the flair by thomas gossner is made out of a single sheet of polypropylene with four living hinges that build a durable folding mechanism. polypropylene provides the necessary fatigue resistance and flexibility for producing living hinges, as well as allowing the seat to bend in a stable, yet comfortable swing-like shape. the material thickness and measurements of the hinges are developed and tested to hold at least 200kg. apart from the mechanical properties, polypropylene is suitable for use in public spaces as it is highly durable and easy to clean. 

flair the flattest chair in public space 1
living hinges in polypropylene



the flair has polypropylene’s original white colour and it is covered with a matte finish in order to prevent visibility of potential scratches. being slightly translucent in its natural state, the polypropylene used partly reveals and subtly highlights the attachment of the design. the attachment consists of a metal structure with an included hanging mechanism, colored in dark canary yellow. the yellow details pop through the white body and attract the attention of the user. the visibility of the holding elements combined with a slight distance between the wall and the flat chair communicate the possibility to detach and unfold the flair when needed.


flair the flattest chair in public space 3
detachment process


flair the flattest chair in public space 4
attachment elements


flair the flattest chair in public space 5
flair in use


flair the flattest chair in public space 6
flair in public space




project info:


name: flair
designer: thomas gossner





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